Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ash and Zo...

I have mentioned before that Asher is pretty sensitive. One great aspect of him being so sensitive is that he loves to help comfort Zoee when she gets hurt. Today she got a small owie and wanted me to hold her. Asher came over and wanted to hold her hand and rub her face. Then he asked to hold her. I love how sweet he can be with her. I pray that one day he is a very wonderful husband just like his Daddy =)

Here is another picture of Asher holding and comforting Sissy...

Here is a picture of the three of us... we sure miss Daddy when he is gone during the day!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Adventures with the Howards: Galveston

As most people know, us Howards are not very brave when it comes to overnight adventures. Sonny and I value our sleep and we know that the kids need good rest to stay healthy so for the most part we don't do many overnight trips. Well, in the past Sonny and I have been blessed to get to stay at the San Luis Resort in Galveston as a gift from some church friends and we absolutely loved it. The pool is incredible and the beach is just across the street. The other day I found a discount for one night at the San Luis and asked Sonny if we should be daring and try to take the kids. We debated back and forth the pros and cons and decided to give it a try. With the car loaded down with plenty of toys, food and clothes- we headed to Galveston (I know... it's not THAT far but for us it was definitely out of our comfort zone)! The first day the kids did GREAT! They loved the pool and were so exhausted by nap time that we all took about a 2 hour nap. After nap, we headed to the beach. It was pretty full of seaweed but I guess that happens a lot in Galveston. We headed back to the pool in the evening and the kids continued to have a great time. We were hoping that the kids would sleep well but were not sure how they would do with us all sleeping in one room. While it was not too bad, Zoee did wake up at 5:57am and was ready to start the day. I tried to hurry up and get out of the room with her so the guys could sleep. I took her to the only place that was really open/safe at 6 am- the gym =). It was fun. I ran for a little bit while Zoee played next to me, then we just played till Sonny let me know that Zoee had in fact woken them up and they had not been able to go back to sleep. By 9 am we were at the pool again but the kids were already exhausted from getting up so early. Asher jumped in the pool without his floatees on yet and Zoee was just really fussy. We decided that we did not need the late check out after all and that it was time for the adventure to end. We made it home by 12 and all took a nice nap in the afternoon. Overall it was a fun experience but we might be keeping our adventures limited to the daytime and come home to sleep in our own beds! There is nothing like being at home!!

Here are some pictures from our trip...

Ash running along the lawn chairs...

Zoee at the beach. Yes- SHE wanted the 2 bows in her hair!! =)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Asher...

Dear Asher,
I cannot believe that we are nearing your THIRD birthday! This makes me a little sad. I just cannot keep you little! As with Zoee, Daddy thought we should write down your nicknames so that we can have that memory written down. We do not have as many for you as we do for Zoee. Here they are...

1. Big boy (this is Daddy's name for you)
2. Brother
3. Buddy
4. Bubba
5. Handsome
6. Sweet boy (this is mainly my name for you)
7. Ash (this is what some friends call you)
8. Asher- Basher (when you are being really brave)

You are such a wonderful little man and are really starting to be your own person. You have a new favorite movie/workout program... Tarzan! I call it a workout program because when you watch it you literally jump from couch to couch for almost the whole movie. Who knew that watching a movie could be good exercise?? You are so kind and protective to your sister (most of the time). You like to warn her about dangerous things and you are often willing to share toys with her. You even asked me the other day to "hold her" after she fell down and got an owie. We love you, Buddy and enjoy watching you grow and become such a great kid.

Here you are "holding" Sissy...

Dear Zoee...

Dear Zoee,
Here you are just growing and growing. I love your little personality even though at times you seem to give me a little more "attitude" than your brother did at this age. Anyways, Daddy just thought we should document all of the nicknames that we have for you and I agree... here they are...

1. Zo-bear (sometimes just Bear or Bear-bear)
2. Sissy
3. Sissy-bear
4. Princess
5. Zo-zo
6. Baby girl (this is Daddy's main nickname for you)
7. Love Bug (sometimes just Bug)
8. Sister
9. Sweet girl
10. Sweet Pea
11. Pumpkin (this was more when you were a baby but not so much now-a-days)
12. Smiley (this is your nickname at Mother's Day Out)

I think thats about all the names we have for you! If you can't tell, you are adored by your family and friends. You are a joy and you light up the room. We love you sweet girl!!


Here are some random pictures of you... 

This was the first time I put your hair in "pig-tails" and I had to take a picture!!

I honestly think you look a LOT like your Daddy in these pictures, especially when I think about the baby pictures I have seen of him.

You are also like Daddy in that you LOVE condiments. Ketchup is probably your favorite. Here you are eating JUST the Ketchup with your face in the plate! Oh how you make us laugh!! It's so funny to see your food choices. The other day I made you a waffle for breakfast and after I made it, you kept asking for "begetables" (vegetables). So... you ate 2 bowls full of veggies for breakfast!! You're Momma's little girl!!