Thursday, November 5, 2009

More of Asher and our family....

Here is one more pj picture and some of the three of us after church. i purposely had Asher and I match Sonny hoping we could have a minute to take some family photos. Marcy took these at our house after we had lunch with them and I edited them. Marcy and Doug are such a blessing to us!

Big boy posing in bed!

Our little man is just that- a growing little man! He can make us laugh so hard sometimes. When all of his little illnesses are in check- he is quite a happy boy and smiles so huge (i think he has my smile). These pics were taken by Sonny and I. He is in his "big boy" pjs. I love when he smiles so big!! It melts our hearts! We are continuing to pray that he grows more and more joyful. He is actually starting to spit up much less now that he is on medicine and now that he is eating 'real food.' I think the last picture is so precious. Asher LOVES his daddy. When Sonny walks in the room, the world stops for Asher and he just stares at Sonny in delight and admiration. It is so sweet!

Halloween and other things

Halloween was a little different than I expected but it was still good. Asher was not really into "trick-or-treating" so we just dressed him up in his monkey costume and took him around to see some friends of ours and mom and dads. It was fun. He looked adorable! I think next year it will be a little more fun. He did have quite a laugh while we were walking. We would be walking and he would suddenly bust out with a loud laugh- no one knows what he was laughing at! That's Asher! The baby of extreme emotions!